Rubber Gym Flooring Mats & Astro Track Turf


Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring

Precise cuts, outstanding aesthetics and superior impact absorption make SILENCER Flooring the first choice of elite and demanding training facilities around Australia.

Fire Resistant Compound

Sustainable Recycled Materials

Precision Cut Design

ARMADILLO Silencer™ 15mm Gym Flooring

A precision cut flooring design with a unique construction process that leaves nothing to chance. Expect clean lines, precise measurements, and effortless installation with ARMADILLO Silencer 15 Flooring.

ARMADILLO Silencer™ 50mm


SILENCER 50mm High Impact Flooring

Thick tiles with unparalleled shock absorption for priority lifting areas, deadlift platforms, and  Olympic Lifting venues.

SILENCER 50mm Rubber Tiles are the ultimate flooring solution for gyms that are part of residential buildings, high rises and hotels - or anywhere where acoustics and protection are paramount.

It's the perfect match for VALKYRIE Olympic Lifting Platforms, too.


AstroTrack is designed specifically for use with AUSSIE STRENGTH Predator and Prowler sleds, and has excellent compatibility with other sled types.
Incompatible surfaces used in the construction industry simply can't compete with AstroTrack.


When safety, hygiene and versatility matter, ARMADILLO TileTrack is the only surface that will deliver without compromise. With a 60cm x 60cm footprint and a tightly cut square frame, TileTrack is a premium functional flooring solution with excellent compatibility with all AUSSIE STRENGTH Sled Systems.