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Gym Flooring


Commercial Rubber Flooring for Gyms.

Found in elite and demanding facilities around Australia from World Gym locations to Australian Army training facilities, and spanning the floors of countless CrossFit locations and personal training studios, our Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring is both exceptionally durable and aesthetically pleasing. Available in straight black or coloured speckle, our Rubber Flooring for gyms a superior, fire rated way to protect both your property and the investment that is your equipment.

Our flooring doesn't smell or slip, it's sizing is precise, and it's very competitively priced. Our Rubber Flooring will give your gym the best looking and feeling surface available in Australia.

General Purpose Commercial Grade Flooring Tiles

Our professional general purpose rubber gym flooring comes in at an industry standard 15mm width. It's prescision cut for an exact 100cm edging, so it won't leave gaps or inconsistencies once it's on the floor - essential for stability of your equipment, and safety of your members.

Available straight from our Sydney warehouse in black or with a 5% red fleck, it's also available by order in other colour options. We don't bother quoting insane prices so we can negotiate on the quote - what you see is what you get. The advertised price of Armadillo Rubber Flooring Tiles may be much, much lower than other tiles in it's class, but that doesn't change the fact that this is industry quality flooring - superior to any other Australian product we've tested.

1m² Rubber Flooring Tiles

These tiles are 100cm along each edge, and are perfect for general floor covering in commercial and home gym facilities.

0.5m² Thick Rubber Flooring Tiles

These tiles are 100cm along the long edge, and 50cm along the short edge. They're perfect for building deadlift platforms, and olympic lifting platforms. Available in standard or ultra-dense.

0.25m² Ultra Dense Rubber Flooring Tiles

These tiles are 50cm along both edges. They're also great for building deadlift platforms and olympic lifting platforms.

Astro Turf

Available in wide rolls. Great for outdoor areas or indoor sled tracks. Available with customisations like Agility ladders or meter markings.

Carpet Sled Tracks

These carpet track tiles are 60cm along both edges. They're an unbeleivable surface for sleds, and will take your gym's track system to the next level. Modular design allows for removal of damaged tiles without the expense of replacing a whole floor.