GHD2 - Glute Ham Developer Mk2

  • 3mm Thick Steel Construction
  • Handles up to 250kg with Ease
  • Double Seam Stitching on Upholstery
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Checkerplate Foot Panel


    • Length 173cm
    • Width 101cm
    • Height 114cm

    $ 890

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The time proven GHD Design that features thick steel, a high weight
rating and superior comfort.

  • Dual Slide Rail - This creates an ultra stable platform to exercise on.
  • Ergonomic glute/leg pads.
  • Wheels for easy moving around your gym.
  • Adjustable band pegs to increase resistance using power bands.

Our GHD Mk2 is the result of our continual product development, and has some major improvements. It's often referred to as the Glute ham developer, or glute ham raise.

Introducing the Aussie Strength Glute Ham Developer. Designed for effective training of the entire posterior chain, the hamstring raise is an essential exercise for both muscle development, flexibility and rehabilitation.

Pain, tension or aches in the middle spine as well as inflexibility and instability in every day movements is often a telltale sign of posterior chain underdevelopment. With physiotherapists across the world quickly sitting up - no pun intended - and taking notice, posture correction is quickly being addressed as the most important fitness challenge of our time.

The AUSSIE STRENGTH GHD2 is designed to make essential posterior chain training possible for everyone from the professional athlete to the casual gym member. It's all too easy to neglect the posterior chain in your training, with so many programs placing too much emphasis on body parts that are provide linear and measurable progress in the weight room while leaving the hamstrings and glutes unnoticed – causing problems with everything from your feet to your neck. Glute Ham Developers have been a favourite in Olympic Weight Lifting, Power Lifting and CrossFit Training for years, the GHD2 is quickly finding homes in every good gym.

Glute Ham Developer

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