Hip Thrust Combo 2

  • 164cm Overall Length
  • 78cm Overall Width
  • 35cm to 48cm Adjustable Height
  • Multiple Exercise Bench
  • Designed for Hip Thrust
  • Transforms to Floor GHD
  • Band Pegs for Thrusts & Deadlifts
  • Perfect for Bent Over Rows

$ 1,199

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Hip Thrust with @stephfitmum

Hip Thrust Combo

The most advanced Hip Thrust on the market. Hip Thrust Combo brings unparalleled functionality to a previously inefficient design. With four distinct uses, Hip Thrust Combo resolves the wasted space that a traditional Hip Thrust Bench created - bringing you advanced multi function features like Band Pegs for Deadlifts, a knee pad that transforms Hip Thrust Combo to a Floor GHD and a sturdy bench component that can be used for everything from Bent Over Rows to Calf Raises & French Press.

Client testimonials

I am glad that I invested my money in the hip thrust combo. I use it regularly for my training . Not just for hip thrusting but split squats & dead lifts too.. I highly recommend!