Valkyrie Runner

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Our console has bluetooth to work with smartphone apps such as wahoo runfit, kinomap, virtual runner and group leader board software so you can connect multiple treadmills and view them all wirelessly on a big screen and compete in speed, distance, rpm, etc.
Our console has over 20 different programs specifically for measuring athlete performance and a ton of programs for HIIT (interval training too)
We even have an Event mode you can set to easily manage competitions and athlete testing
Our curve is in between Woodway and Assault to give the most natural running feel/angle


We built our pillow block bearings to be accessible and able to be changed in less than 5 minutes. Simply remove the rear cover and you can change pillow block bearing quickly.
Others design bearing inside the frame, so you have to remove the running belt too... will take 5 hours or more. So our bearing will last longer AND be easier to change when needed.


The Best / Leading Drive System in the Industry

Valkyrie Runner Features

  • 10mm thick rubber
  • Comfortability
  • low impact running surface

We use better bearings (pillow block bearings + sealed ball bearings)

  • more bearings (116 vs 112 normally)
  • better quality bearings (sourced from japan, singapore, taiwan)
  • tighter and less tolerance bearings (over 40% better tolerance than woodway, less shifting of running surface moving side to side)
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