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Barbells & Bumper Plates

The Aussie Strength Barbell range includes VALKYRIE barbells engineered to deliver true competition quality Hybrid, Olympic Lifting and Deadlift series barbells as well as Aussie Strength commercial grade Olympic Barbells and a wide range of Specialty Barbells designed to transform the way you train.

Stainless VSPX

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The Aussie Strength Kettlebell Range is the  choice of home gym owners and professional athletes across Australia. PRO2 Kettlebells feature colour-coded paint, clear steel handles, debossed weight markings and standardised sizing across the range regardless of weight. Classic Iron Kettlebells feature tiered sizing, a tough powder coated finish, easily identifiable colour strips and handle sizes appropriate for the weight of the Kettlebell.

As more and more people become aware of the amazing training benefits of kettlebells, they are quickly becoming a part of every serious gym and home gym in Australia.

PRO2 Kettlebells

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