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Deadlift & Back

The best Deadlift and Back Training gear, all in one place.

The Deadlift is anything but simple. Every single muscle in the human body needs to work in unison to pull competition winning lifts from the floor - or hypertrophy critical reps that make the back grow like nothing else.

Compromising the Deadlift won't just put your gains at risk - it puts your whole body in the line of fire. Incorrect technique on the deadlift will put you at risk of a myriad of posterior chain injuries - which makes you wonder why so many gyms tempt fate with unstable platforms or slippery barbells.

Deadlift Ready Barbells and Bumper Plates.

Take your deadlift to the next level and pair Olympic Bumper Plates with the legendary VALKYRIE Power Lifting barbell and get best in class performance for your bodybuilding and powerlifting clients. Featuring a 2,000lb weight rating, it's the only serious choice for your Dead Lift Platform. Put our HP2 Series Bumper Plates on the Power Lifting Barbell and give your clients the ultimate weight lifting experience.

No Compromise Platforms

VALKYRIE Deadlift Platforms give you unmatched bounce characteristics, shock absorbance, trip hazard minimisation and of course, a clean, modern look. With Bamboo Inserts and High Density Flooring around the center, you won't find a higher performance platform - period.


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