TechFoam Plyometric Box - Set of 3 - 6, 12, 24 Inches

What are Plyo Boxes?

Jump Boxes, also known as Plyo Platforms are a must have training tool for explosive jump and speed training such as Plyometrics. Plyo box jumping is a critical aspect of plyometric training because the exercises uses not only your body weight, but also gravity to build muscle.

The Epic Plyo Stack

Train with a much safer version of Plyometric Boxes. Introducing the Epic Plyo Stack. These remove the risks involved when developing jumping strength and power. The Aussie Strength Foam Plyo Box set is made from super high density EVA foam and the boxes connect using Velcro attachments. You can adjust the set using the 7.5cm, 15cm, 30cm, 45cm and 60cm boxes together to create a combined height of 160cm.The Aussie Strength Epic Plyo Stack has been designed to be light weight and to minimize any risk of trip or fall hazards, and can be easily moved and stacked anywhere in your gym.

Technical Specifications

The set includes 3 boxes, one of each size - 6, 12 and 24 inch. All sections of the Epic Plyo Stack have the same width and length of 76cm x 90cm and connect together using the touch fastening straps on each box.


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Product Description


Foam Plyo Set

  • 6 inches = 15.24cm
  • 12 inches = 30.48cm
  • 24 inches = 60.96cm


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