HP2 Competition Bumper Plate - 15kg Pair

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  • 10kg – 450mm Diameter – 30mm Thick
  • 15kg – 450mm Diameter – 40mm Thick
  • 20kg – 450mm Diameter – 52mm Thick
  • 25kg – 450mm Diameter – 67mm Thick

$ 340

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High Performance Bumper Plate Series - Mark II

We've taken everything that made our original High Performance Bumper Plates so good, and refined them even more. These bumper plates are designed specifically for elite gyms and athletes. Aussie Strength High Performance Mk2 Bumper Plates have been made using high quality virgin rubber, with a large steel and zinc centre plate. The plate increases the quality, integrity and longevity of the bumper. Our quality virgin rubber has been made under strict quality control. This ensures an extremely low bounce which is very important for safety in busy gyms.