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Beyond Fitness


The only Gym Equipment that’s been purpose-built for Australian 24/7 Fitness Clubs.

Australian Gyms finally have access to outstanding Gym Equipment at a price they can afford. It's a world-first design based on years of research and development in Commercial Fitness Clubs that's tailored for the modern always-open gym and backed by Aussie Strength’s perpetual research program.

Designed For 24/7 Fitness Clubs

Decades Of Research And Development

National Service Guarantee

Fully Customizable Paintwork

Five Year Commercial Warranty

Backed By Australia's Top Equipment Co.

Designed for Safety and Simplicity Without Sacrificing the Workout.

The Ultimate Range of Fitness Equipment for Gyms in Australia.

With two complimentary lines of Commercial Fitness Machines alongside time-proven essential accessories, the Beyond Fitness range of Commercial Fitness Machines is your key to opening a cost-effective 24/7 Fitness Club successfully - on time, and on budget.

Downloads To Get Started

Download these quick-reference Price Guides and Spreadsheet Order Forms to get you gym open faster.

Quick Price Guide

This quick-reference PDF contains pricing for each Beyond Fitness Weight Machine so that you can quickly plan your gym without spending hours combing through a longform catalogue.

Spreadsheet Order Form

When you've decided what your new Gym is going to look like, simply mark out what you need on this handy spreadsheet order form to get your order into manufacturing as quickly as possible.

The first line of equipment designed specifically for Australian clubs

We've built enough gyms to know the issues that new businesses face day in, day out. It's not just about price - it's about reliability, branding and delivering a training experience that will turn your new members into a team of salespeople.

That's why we designed our Fitness Equipment to deliver an uncompromised training experience at an unprecedented price point - and with quality that leaves traditional brands in the dust, we guarantee every single piece of commercial fitness gear for five years in Australia.

A Versatile Range Of Commercial Fitness Gear That Delivers For Every Client

Every single person that walks into your new gym will have a different style of training - and need a different piece of gear to acheive their goals.

Beyond Fitness delivers with specialised lines for plate-loaded gym equipment and pin-select weight machines for every trainer - as well as a commercial grade bench line that delivers unparalleled stability and safety for clients using free weights in the gym.

A Range Of Commercial Cardio Solutions For Australian Gyms

Functional Cardio

A line of commercial-grade customizable functional cardio equipment that delivers new-era workouts to trainers looking for something a little different to the norm.

Valkyrie Runner Valkyrie Rower Valkyrie Ski Erg Valkyrie Climber Valkyrie Air Bike

Commercial Cardio

Traditional Cardio Equipment for those who prefer a classic workout, the Commercial Cardio line features all of the essentials in a reimagined form that's tailored for Modern Australian gyms.

Treadmills Elliptical Trainers Exercise Bikes Recumbent Bikes

Streamline Your Launch With In-House Finance

Getting overwhelmed by details is one of the biggest problems our customers face every day before launch. That's why we offer in-house solutions through Stratton Finance, so you can get on with the job of building your gym, leaving the financial workout to the experts.

Plate Loaded

The plate loaded Forge Series is inspired by the hardcore equipment seen in old-school Californian Strength Gyms.

Adding modern tweaks, rugged strength and perfect angles to a time-proven design makes the Forge Series the first choice for body building and strength training zones.

Pin Select

The pin loaded Centurion Series includes a selectorized weight stack for almost effortless weight selection and adjustments.

It's features like this that provide safety and certainty for 24/7 Fitness Clubs in Australia.


From Bench Presses to all kinds of specialist benches, we make a bench for just about everything.

And with superior strength and customisable branding, each Beyond Fitness bench is a unique investment.

FORGE™ Plate-Loaded Weight Machines
FORGE™ Plate-Loaded Weight Machines
FORGE™ Plate-Loaded Weight Machines
FORGE™ Plate-Loaded Weight Machines

FORGE™ Plate-Loaded Weight Machines

With an all-steel design that's been configured to meet the demands of Australian Gyms, the Beyond Fitness FORGE series handles serious weight while delivering unparalleled stability.

Building elite equipment at a whole new price point.

The custom fitness equipment that makes Beyond Fitness such a unique brand is also it's strongest selling point. We've sacrificed the ease of mass production for tailored perfection because just like every client, every gym has unique needs too.

Supplying world-class equipment to one of the youngest nations.

The story of Aussie Strength began right here in East Timor - with one Australian soldier on a peacekeeping mission.

So when CC Fitness Dili asked us to produce a custom range of Beyond Fitness equipment to serve the first Pro-Grade gym in the country, there's no way we weren't bringing the whole crew over to help.

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Incline Bench Press

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Incline Bench Press

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Chest Press

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Chest Press

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Leg Press

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Leg Press

Beyond Fitness CENTURION™ Pec Fly Combo

Beyond Fitness CENTURION™ Pec Fly Combo

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Incline Bench Press

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Incline Bench Press

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Benches

Beyond Fitness FORGE™ Benches

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