Commercial Gym Equipment

World Class Equipment for the Weight Room

Weight Machines

With every staple weight machine found in a modern gym, Our huge range of Pin Loaded and Plate Loaded weight stations cover every base in your weight room. From the ARSENAL Strength Vertical Leg Press to the Prime Fitness Functional Trainer with SmartStrength Technologu, our Weight Machine range is unparalleled in Australia.

Competition Grade Barbells, Dumbbells and Weight Plates

Free Weights

With a weight plate, dumbbell and kettlebell solution for every different type of gym out there, our Free Weight range is comprehensive and built as tough as it gets. And we've got Barbells. More, stronger and tougher. Aussie Strength have the biggest range of specialty barbells in Australia, as well as legendary VALKYRIE Olympic Bars.

The Ultimate Benches for Safety and Stability

Commercial Benches

We've got a bench for every position in your gym. Adjustable, Incline & Decline benches for all weight lifting scenarios compliment our selection of Eco and VALKYRIE Bench Press and Prone Row gear. We even have the MAXXBENCH system for unprecedented bench press safety.

Cover more ground with Armadillo Flooring

Gym Flooring

From Olympic Platforms to Astro Turf and every gauge of Rubber in between, we've got the best range of gym flooring in the country with a huge range of Sled Tracks, Rubber Flooring Tiles for Commercial Gyms, Deadlift Platforms and Olympic Platforms.

Innovative & Advanced Functional Training Equipment

Functional Gear

While other brands scramble to catch up on Strength & Conditioning training gear, we've been living and breathing it for a decade. From our high tech Ballistic Wall Balls to the Prowler Sled Mk2, we've got the A to Z of strength on lock.

Superior Engineering & Super Duty Construction

Power Cages

Only trust the toughest racks for your members? Get it right the first time with VALKYRIE SPX Racks and Squat Cages. With the same high tech construction and minimalistic design as the VALKYRIE Rig, these monster racks will take anything that gets dropped on them. And the unique OptiGrip VALKYRIE finish won't chip, rust or fade in the sun.

Engineered to train harder, longer

Training Rigs

VALKYRIE RIG and XRIG Functional form two ultimate group training solutions. Completely customizable, VALKYRIE Rigs around the country serve everywhere from two to twenty people simultaneously - and with VALKYRIE found in high profile locations like World Gym Surfers Paradise and Holsworthy Military Area, you know you're buying into a superior system.

Business solutions for Gym Equipment Finance

Gym Finance

Comprehensive Gym Financing Solutions are available from FlexiCommercial and GoGetta in partnership with Aussie Strength. Build your dream gym right now with flexible options and easy processing.

Whole Gyms, ready to go.

We Keep Stock

Other suppliers don't have access to the warehousing and logistics facilities that AUSSIE STRENGTH is built on. That means that we have a huge range of high quality equipment in stock & ready to go right now.

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We don't inflate our prices.

Realistic Pricing

We charge a fair and reasonable price for our gear up front, and don't pull smoke and mirrors to give you the illusion of a good discount. Skip the bartering and get an honest quote from us the first time.

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Superior Quality Gym Equipment

Quality Control

With Precision Crafted equipment from our own factory and internationally renowned equipment companies, we have the right gear to open your gym fast, and keep it in action indefinitely.

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Commercial Top Sellers

Everything you need to build.

We exist to bring your gym to life, and with our core range of Commercial gear, it's never been easier.

Custom Branding

With the ability to create unique equipment to reinforce your branding, we handle custom gear ranging from Polyurethane Dumbbells to Bumper Plates*.

*Minimum Order or Moulding Surchage may apply to some equipment.

Responsive Service

With skilled Gym Builders at the helm, we can get you from concept to quote incredibly quickly with realistic time frames that let you committ to getting your Gym up and running when you need it.

Massive Range

We've got basically everything you need to build a modern strength facility in stock right now. AUSSIE STRENGTH keeps a huge core range of equipment on hand - so that when you want it, you can actually get it.

VALKYRIE™ Equipment

The strongest steel and the toughest builds - VALKYRIE is the ultimate super duty Gym Gear. From Squats to Rows, experience the best Gym Equipment in the world.

Account Managed

With a small team of dedicated Gym Builders, we can respond to individual client needs with accuracy and efficiency. We know your gym, and communicate internally to make sure all your bases are covered.

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We're available to respond to any questions or needs you've got - just call or email us to get more information.

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Get your finance sorted quickly and easily with AUSSIE STRENGTH™

Gym Finance Solutions

Flexi Commercial

FlexiCommercial is a division of FlexiGroup, working with small, medium and large businesses, government bodies and educational institutions to provide tailored, flexible, tax effective and cash-flow efficient ways to access the latest business technology and equipment.

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Simple, Easy Finance


GoGetta funds new business start-ups and help existing businesses expand and achieve their goals. In contrast to the banks, we’re more interested in your future than your past – for us, it’s all about your potential.

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The Toughest Fitness Equipment

Our gear is the toughest in Australia, and it's used in everything from Australian Defence Force Training to iconic locations like World Gym Surfers Paradise. See it for yourself.