VALKYRIE FID Bench - Black


  • Fully Welded Bench that won't come loose over time
  • Flat, Incline and Decline from -15° to 90°
  • Ultra strong, Stable Base
  • 1200kg Weight Rating
  • Precision Robotic Welded
  • All Steel Parts are CNC Machined
  • OptiGrip Poly Resin Coating
  • Angles of -15°, 0°, +15°, +30°, +45°, +60°, +75°, +90°
  • Height when flat - 450mm
  • Seat pad(bottom pad) width tapers from 360mm to 280mm. The length is 320mm.
  • Back pad (main pad) is 1050mm length x 280mm width.
  • Gap between pads is 50mm.
  • Frame length is 1250mm.

$ 1,226

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Introducing the Valkyrie FID Bench

The Valkyrie Commercial FID Bench is a game changer.Designed for unmatched longevity in even the harshest training environments, the FID is a strong and stable adjustable bench. True to the Valkyrie vision, there is no comprimise on quality - this might be the strongest versatile bench in the world.

Steph VSPX2 Valkyrie Half Cage and VFID benches