Strongman Log - 42kg

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43kg Strongman Log x Farmers Walk Handle Hybrid - Speciality Bar/Log

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  • Black Oxide Coating
  • 176cm Overall Length
  • 37.5cm Sleeve Length
  • 24.5cm Diameter of Log
  • 43kg Weight
  • 450kg Load Rating
  • 50mm Sleeve Diameter
  • Includes farmers walk handle section making this a multi use hybrid bar

Other spacings

  • 101cm "Rackable" width when using this in power racks or bench press
  • 20cm width opening for the farmers carry handle
  • 40cm width between the closest strongman log handles
  • 60cm width between the wide strongman log handles
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Introducing the Aussie Strength 45kg Strongman Log.

The Aussie Strength Strongman log is one heavy duty piece of equipment. It is a must have for any serious trainer or athlete. Get real strength with this hardcore piece of kit!


The Strongman Log can be used for Olympic lifts like the clean-and-press and snatch as well as their component movements (military and push press and jerk), along with bent-over rows and partial bench presses. Add a variety and new challenges into any training program with Aussie Strength 45kg Strongman Log.

Insane Workouts.

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Oxidation Rate Info

A barbells resistance to oxidation depends mainly on two things, the type of steel it's made from, and the type of coating. On the left hand lower end of the spectrum will require more barbell care & maintenance to prevent oxidation and preserve appearance than bars on the right hand side of the spectrum.

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