Cambered Barbell


The All-Time Powerlifting Favourite

The Cambered Barbell is an awesome tool to add to your Specialty Barbell collection and the favourite of powerlifters everywhere.  By adding a large camber to the weight sleeves, the plates hang 40cm below the nominal bar height, allowing you to increase range of motion or change the center of gravity.

During the squat, it's tougher to use than a straight bar due to the "swinging" effect, but this is a massive advantage for building strength and stability once you master it. Here's where the center of gravity effect really comes into play, reducing pressure on the spine and changing the nature of the exercise in a big way.

When used for Bench Press, the Cambered Barbell makes deeper negatives possible, stretching your chest and recruiting far more muscle fibers than with a straight bar.


  • 38kg Overall Weight
  • 400mm Loadable Sleeves
  • 6.5cm Camber
  • 160cm Primary Bar
  • 50mm Olympic Diameter


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