Cambered Barbell

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Cambered Barbell - Specialty Bar

  • Black Oxide Coating
  • 223.5cm Overall Length
  • 50mm Sleeve Diameter
  • 9.1cm Sleeve Length
  • 38kg Weight
  • 454kg Load Rating
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Introducing the Aussie Strength Cambered Barbell.

The Cambered barbell is great for relieving stress off of the shoulders – but it’s much more than just shoulder relief. The Cambered Bar turns squatting into a fundamentally different movement.

The Cambered bar is the perfect bar for adding variety to your squats - the shape forces you to stay tighter in the bottom position of a squat moreso than you would with a regular barbell, as the center of gravity is shifted slightly forward. This prevents you from swinging back or forward on the way up.

The shift in the bars center of gravity changes your line and shape just enough to make it a different movement to a regular squat.

Add a variety and new challenges into any training program with Aussie Strength Cambered Barbell.

Aussie Strength have Australia's largest range of barbells for sale - and you can get them all online with flat rate shipping to major metro areas. Aussie Strength is the best place to buy specialty barbells in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Oxidation Chart

Oxidation Rate Info

A barbells resistance to oxidation depends mainly on two things, the type of steel it's made from, and the type of coating. On the left hand lower end of the spectrum will require more barbell care & maintenance to prevent oxidation and preserve appearance than bars on the right hand side of the spectrum.

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