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Barbell & Bumper Packs

Advanced Rubber Chemistry

High SHA Performance

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Bar & Bumper Packs

Our best Bumper Plates and Barbell Packs - already discounted with the best deals on shipping.


The new Australian standard in Barbell Quality. Our unique Hybrid Technology gives lifters the ultimate barbell experience, standing up to industry giants with ease. VALKYRIE™ 7ft Olympic Barbells are rated to a minimum of 1,500lbs across the board, with the Power Lifting Bar rated to 2,000lbs to ensure effortless load tolerance across all sports and strength levels.

HP2 Bumper Plates

HP2 is the toughest, most dense bumper we make. Available in Olympic or Black colours, the HP2 & BHP2 Bumper Plates offer superior SHA Performance, Advanced Rubber Tech, precision built Olympic Sleeves and a stunning premium design.

HD2 & Black Plates

Heavy Duty training plates that make our unique Advanced Rubber Tech available at value you won't find anywhere else. Built without compromise, AUSSIE STRENGTH HD Plates are the toughest training plates in Australia.