Expanded Foam Plyo Range

One of our most popular ranges, the Foam Plyo Series. We've been slowly expanding the range over the years but for 2020 we're ramping it up a bit.
8 months ago
VSPX GO is here.

VSPX GO is here.

VSPX GO is a squat rack that sets up in minutes, and has wheels for easy transport. The entire unit stores inside the trunk when you need to store away and or transport to a new location.
9 months ago

Adding Stainless Steel to the Valkyrie arsenal

So with the massive success of all our Valkyrie Cali Parks, and now with our Valkyrie Sports Locker Deployable Gym Series coming online, we decided we needed to design and perfect a range of Marine Grade Stainless Steel Rig & Rack series for a couple of reasons.
9 months ago

Focusing on a stronger future.

The world is in turmoil right now. Whilst we seem to be on the final stretch of COVID-19 and the promising news of lock down restrictions ending and small businesses reopening, we still have a rocky road ahead.
10 months ago