Micro Band Set

Micro Power Bands

Micro Bands are a small, thin power band.

  • Manufactured join-free, to ensure excellent quality and longevity

  • Suitable for warm ups, glute activation and rehab exercises.

  • Resistance at 100% elongation (twice the unstretched length)

  • Built with the same superior rubber as our Power Bands

  • Excellent choice for Rehab and Warmups

  • Resistance at 100% elongation (twice the unstretched length)Green - 5.4kgs

  • Yellow - 7.0kgs

  • Blue - 9.0kgs

  • Red - 10.0kgs

  • Width : 5cm

*Free shipping available if you buy any three separate Micro or Power Band products.


Blue is out of stock and on back order. Please email [email protected] for availability of this model, thank you!


Product Description


Micro Bands

Micro Bands Bondi (60 second version)

The Classic Micro Band. Tougher than ever.

Aussie Strength Micro Bands are one of the most popular products in our rehabilitation range. Excellent for warmups & muscular activation of Glutes, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors and many more muscle groups, the Micro Band is an invaluable tool for anybody who wants to ensure they reach their maximum potential while working out, whether it be on heavy compound movements or calisthenics.


Customer Reviews (19)

high qualityReview by Aiden
Product Rating
really good and easy to stretch till now. hope the elasticity lasts. highly satisfied. (Posted on 10/01/2019)
great bandReview by Xavier
Product Rating
they are really great for the price and exactly what it says. (Posted on 10/01/2019)
durableReview by Archie
Product Rating
I have been using it for a month and no signs of tearing. will surely continue using it (Posted on 10/01/2019)
greatReview by Elijah
Product Rating
it was a great decision to add this in my home gym (Posted on 10/01/2019)
qualitifulReview by Riley
Product Rating
great quality bands. loved it. thank you AUSSIE!!! (Posted on 10/01/2019)
qualitifulReview by Micheal
Product Rating
I would Highly Recommend these bands.easy to use and helps in the workout. (Posted on 6/01/2019)
great Review by harry
Product Rating
this is exactly what I was looking for and loved it. (Posted on 6/01/2019)
wonderful experienceReview by noah
Product Rating
Exactly what I needed. I needed a lightweight band for rear workout and this is perfect. (Posted on 6/01/2019)
GREATReview by A.P
Product Rating
I think it is the right fit for my son. He is a thrower, and needs something to warm up with, before a meet, so this gives a little , resistance, and helps him stretch further. (Posted on 6/01/2019)
amazingReview by oliver
Product Rating
This micro band is awesome for rotator cuff work such as y's t's face pulls etc. Also excellent for great upper body stretches. (Posted on 6/01/2019)
great serviceReview by jennifer
Product Rating
I got prompt delivery and they are really helpful. they helped me in choosing my band. and had a great experience with them (Posted on 4/01/2019)
greatReview by john
Product Rating
till now there are the best micro bands i have come across. (Posted on 4/01/2019)
greatReview by tommy
Product Rating
these micro bands are just great. they have been always helping me out during my workouts and the service of aussie is just great (Posted on 4/01/2019)
qualitifulReview by noah
Product Rating
the best microbands i have used so far. they are durable and actually helps in my workout. (Posted on 4/01/2019)
greatReview by thomas
Product Rating
the microbands are really great and got delivery on time. (Posted on 4/01/2019)
Good job, Aussies Strength! Review by Rachel
Product Rating
I've been using this MICRO BAND SET for some time now and this has been very helpful to me. Highly recommended for everyone.. friends and family. Will not hesitate to use this again in the future. 5 star for this. Good job, Aussies Strength! I love your item. (Posted on 21/12/2018)
AmazingReview by John
Product Rating
They have an impressive range of powerbands and really qualitful along with great shipping and help support (Posted on 21/12/2018)
Great for glute and leg work outsReview by Em
Product Rating
I've been using these for my glute workouts, and the activate hamstrings and glutes before every leg session. Really good product, nothing like it! (Posted on 7/08/2017)
My favourite!Review by Kris
Product Rating
I use these daily for my prehab and warm up/mobility drills. The best way to activate hamstrings and glutes, and do booty work outs. Love them! (Posted on 16/07/2017)

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