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Battle Rope Pro - Heavy - 2 inch x 15m

The First Battle Rope with New Unique Features

  • Diameter - 2 Inch
  • Length - 15m
  • End Caps - Yes
  • Rope Fabric - SuperTough Nylon
Please email [email protected] for availability of this model, thank you!

The First Battle Rope with New Unique Features.

Our new Battle Rope Pro features unique handles for unmatched grip and durability. Other battle ropes lose their end caps and fray over time - buy the Aussie Strength Battle Rope Pro and forget frayed ends or poor grip.

Exclusively available to Aussie Strength, the end caps on our battle rope pro models have been made from knurled steel, and then bolted through the rope. After years of research and development, this design we came up with has changed the game, and none of our competitors have anything even close.

About Battle Rope

Whether it's mounted, anchored, or in the field, battle ropes provide an unbelievable full-spectrum workout. A heavy, thick and durable rope puts resistance on every muscle it hits through the workout, from abs and arms to shoulders and legs.

The Battle Rope is an essential tool for functional training, and is often used in waving, whipping and slamming movements. It's able to be used in high intensity interval training (HIIT) effectively, and apply resistance to almost every muscle in the body simultaneously.

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