Bumper Plates

Professional Rubber Bumper Plates for Olympic Lifting

Our industry standard Bumper Plates take Olympic Lifting to the next level.

They're the Bumper Plate of choice for Australia's top gyms, football clubs and specialist military applications.

With a steel and zinc center plate surrounded by premium engineered Rubber, you can drop these from height over and over again - all day, every day. Accurate weight tolerance and expertly formulated rubber ensure superior control of bounce as well as great mark resistance. We've given you the option of High Performance and Heavy Duty plates, so you can access both our industry standard plates or their lower cost counterparts for a great price - great for home gyms, bulk buys or training facilities that don't necessarily need competition grade plate performance.

And we didn't forget the classics - the Aussie Strength Black Series Bumper isn't going anywhere. What more is there to say? It's time proven. It's tried and true. And it's priced at a point where anyone can literally afford a ton of them.

We're a preferred supplier for leading Australian Gym Chains, CrossFit facilities, Government and Military facilities and Commercial Gyms - including industry leaders World Gym Australia and Snap Fitness. There's no better time to build a gym - home or commercial - with Aussie Strength Weight Plates, Bumper Plates and Barbells, all for sale online in Australia.

Bumper Plates