Cast Iron Weight Plate - 5kg

  • Timeless Design
  • Unmatched Durability
  • Agressive Design
  • Thinner than Bumper Plates
  • Standard Olympic Sleeve

Buy Cast Iron Weight Plates individually, or in a package with one of our signature Valkyrie Hybrid Barbells


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Plate Specifications

  • 2.5kg - 184mm diameter - 21mm wide
  • 5kg - 228mm diameter - 24mm wide
  • 10kg - 275mm diameter - 34mm wide
  • 15kg - 363mm diameter - 30mm wide
  • 20kg - 450mm diameter - 28mm wide
  • 25kg - 450mm diameter - 31.5mm wide
  • 50kg - 450mm diameter - 55mm wide

An old school favourite.

Cast Iron, bomb proof Olympic weight plates. Designed to pack the same weight onto a thinner profile plate, so you can stack more on the bar for heavier lifts.

With an agressive, timeless design and pure old school durability, Cast Iron plates will last you a lifetime - and look damn good doing it.