Aussie Strength Technique Plates


  • Sold as pairs

  • HDPE - High Density Polyethylene Construction

  • 450mm Diameter - Same as Olympic Bumper Plates

  • 50.2mm barbell sleeve center hole diameter

  • Ergonomic Mould for easier handling

  • 2.5kg RED, or 5kg WHITE pairs available

  • 2.5kg RED - 82mm width per plate

  • 5kg WHITE - 100mm width per plate

  • Aussie Strength Branding

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Aussie Strength Technique Plates 2.5 kg
Aussie Strength Technique Plates 5 kg

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Aussie Strength Technique Plates

For years we've been asked to release a full size 2.5kg and 5kg technique plate, and we've finally made a plate worth releasing.

With huge advancements in polyethylene and poly resin technology, our HDPE High Density Polyethylenes quality and durability are on a new level. The Aussie Strength Technique Plates have the same 450mm diameter specs as full size Olympic plates, and ensure that your barbell movements start at the correct height off the ground before transitioning to heavier weights. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Available in both 2.5kg and 5kg pairs, and being full size these are a lighter and easier managed plate for beginners and rehab clients, and working on your perfect Snatch, Clean or Deadlift. These plates also make a great compliment to our range of Technique and Junior Barbells.

Technique plates should be used indoors only, and dropped onto a proper 50mm rubber lifting platform. We have a great range of Deadlift and Olympic platforms here.

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    Aussie Strength Technique Plates come in KG increments for easy identification.

    • Red - 2.5kg Pair - 450mm diameter , 82mm width
    • White - 5kg Pair - 450mm diameter,100mm width

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    Use lighter plates for beginners and rehab clients, our full size 450mm plates allow the user to load the barbell super light, but still maintain proper form and starting position before moving on to heavier weights. Get it right and make sure your technique is perfect before transitioning to bigger lifts.

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    HDPE is the latest high grade and durable thermoplatic technology. Our HDPE plates are easier to pick up, load and unload the bar, and ability to sustain regular use.


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