Reverse Hyper Slim

  • Trains the Posterior Chain
  • Plate Loaded for Adjustable Load
  • Durable, Thick Steel Frame
  • Commercial Grade Construction

$ 1,099

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Reverse HyperExtension


  • Length 152cm
  • Width 81cm
  • Height 109cm

The ultimate tool for Reverse Hyper Extension training.

The Reverse Hyper Extension is unmatched when it comes to increasing strength, power, speed and reaction time in the posterior chain. The Reverse Hyperextension trains the spinal erectors, glutes and hamstrings thoroughly.

Classic exercises such as the Romanian Deadlift are complimented by the Reverse Hyper Extension, providing explosive power training to the entire posterior chain.
Built from thick, durable steel and featuring a self lubricating bearing design for a smooth transition of weight to the user, the Aussie Strength RHE is an essential tool for any serious gym.

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