HP2 Bumper Packs.

They're our best seller for a reason.

Valkyrie Racks

Uncage your squat system with new integrated platforms.

Functional Gear

Get everything you need to train hard, at home.

Prime Fitness USA.

The best strength training equipment in the world.

Valkyrie Boxing Equipment.

Custom boxing gear that packs a punch.

Power Bands.

The Ultimate on the go training & stretching products.

Armadillo Silencer Flooring.

Protect your floor & equipment with our premium flooring solution.

Aussie Strength Home Gyms.

Build the ultimate home gym today.

Valkyrie Sports Locker.

The Ultimate Mobile Training Gym Solution for Defence & Off-Grid Training.

VSPX Hydraulix


Valkrie Elite Dumbbell

Australia's first Fully Featured Totally Custom Dumbbell System.

Strength, Defined.

We're responsible for putting the latest, toughest Functional Training Equipment into Australia's next generation athletes.

And when it comes to extremely high quality fitness equipment, nobody comes close to delivering the products that we've got at the price that we can offer them for.

Whether you're training at home or building a gym, you're in the right place - we've got deals on offer for home athletes and commercial facilities alike. Same gear, same price, same committment to extreme quality.

Welcome to Aussie Strength.

Free Gym Design Consultation

Book in for a free consultation with our Gym Design experts to receive expert advice on Australia's best Functional Training products.

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Commercial Gyms & Studios

Build a next-level Fitness facility with our fully fledged international gym fit out program. Learn how leading gyms build massive facilities in under twelve weeks here.


Home Gym Packages

It's never been easier to create a pro training facility at home with epic Aussie Strength home gym gear.

Home Gym

Functional Gear

Build a punishing setup at home or a complete Functional Training Zone your gym with our massive range of gear.


Custom Dumbbells

When we thought we couldn't make our Polyurethane dumbbells any better, our biggest customers proved us wrong. Laser-etched small runs available now.

Custom Gear

Latest Deals

  1. Tri-Handle Rubber Coated Weight Plate

    Starting at $10.00

  2. GLUTE Master
  3. Valkyrie Runner
  4. -53%
    MaxxBench Hydraulic Bench Press
    Regular Price $4,298.80 Special Price $1,999.00
    Call for Availability
  5. VALKYRIE Air Bike
  6. VALKYRIE Prone Row Bench Slim (Bench Pull) IN STOCK
    New Release

Flooring Systems

Precision flooring systems from Armadillo

Our innovative new flooring solution brings safe and heavily customizable Rubber Gym Flooring to Australian gyms. With a cutting edge interlocking design inspired by its namesake, we've brought a new style of gym flooring to life with ARMADILLO Horse Stall Flooring.

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Snap Fitness Whyalla


See Our Projects.

We're building the next generation of Functional Training gyms around Australia, and with ultra tough gear that's engineered for a rapidly evolving fitness world, it's no wonder franchisees all over are choosing Aussie Strength for their new gym fitouts and renovations.


Surfers Paradise, Queensland


Canterbury, New South Wales

Featured Home Gym

Jamie Bisset in Geelong, Victoria

Aussie Strength TV.

Watch elite trainers push AUSSIE STRENGTH gear to the limit around the country. We've got the biggest range of commercial gear, and these athletes are taking full advantage of the gear in their gyms.